Now seems as good as time as any to restart this blog. In the six years since it was last properly updated an enormous amount has changed in my life, nearly all for the better, and I have also learnt a tremendous amount about a range of subjects. I hope to use this blog to share this with others who might be on a similar journey through life and to also act as a memory jog for myself about the decisions I made and the reasons behind them.

At the outset I expect there are going to be a couple of areas of coverage:

  • General Musings – I have an opinion on many things. Most of it won’t be interesting to other people but the act of actually writing it down will help me explain and understand myself better.
  • Endurance Running – One of the last posts on this blog was from the London Marathon in 2013 which was a major achievement for me then but after a few years of social and fitness running I’ve gotten serious again. Last year I completed my first Ultra marathon and I intend to more.
  • Productivity – As an independent consultant for the last 3 years and a geek for most of my life I’ve started to hone my productivity systems, tools and processes. I intend to catalogue the components of this and the lessons I’ve learnt in the hope that others may find it useful.
  • Bio-hacking – Both as a runner, entrepreneur, father and husband I need to be at my best I’ve learnt and continue to learn so much about how to be at my best. I hope to share what I’ve learnt so far and where I’m trying to get to.
  • Home Automation – As I work from home and am always trying to optimise my environment I have spent a lot of time (and money) trying to automate various aspects of our house with varying degrees of success. Given the time spent on it, the effect has almost certainly been net negative but it does provide an escape. It’s one of those areas where other peoples blogs have really helped me so I’m hoping to repay their effort by paying it forward with my own experiences.

I hope you enjoy what follows and am always looking for feedback.