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Month: May 2013

Marathon Challenge – The Finish Line

Whilst you will probably be relieved that this is my final post on the subject I am very glad to be able to report success in my 12 week marathon challenge. I was very pleased to finish last weekend’s London Marathon in a time of 3 hours and 55 minutes (just under my 4 hour target). It was an amazing, if not painful, experience that I will never forget; although I feel no need to repeat in the immediate future as it wasn’t until Wednesday that I was able to walk down stairs again. I was completely overwhelmed by the support I received from friends, colleagues and family both financial and emotional. It is no exaggeration to say that this is what got me up on cold winter’s mornings and ultimately to the finish line. Thank you.

For those who like the stats (I do – did you guess?). From a standing start just over 12 weeks ago I’ve sent 196 emails, made 20 social media posts (Barclay’s internal mysite produced most sponsorships and LinkedIn least if you were wondering), filmed 40 minutes of video in 63 segments, edited 8 videos down to 15 mins and of course spent 29 hours, running 195 miles over 24 sessions (not quite my original 250 mile target but only 3 of these were even warm enough to wear shorts). 161 of theses emails have been opened, the website visited 479 times by 209 unique visitors and the videos played 195 times (although only 108 times to the end – maybe I need to work on that) and finally 77 people sponsored me which helped to raise £3313.25 for Help the Hospices with a little help from Barclays.

This is an enormous amount, far more than I ever dreamt possible in such a short time and I am immensely grateful to everyone for their generosity. It is hard to express in words just how much it means to me to be able to do this little bit to help ensure that other families and their loved ones can continue to benefit from the whole person approach to terminal care that Charlie and I were fortunate enough to receive for our respective fathers.

In case you haven’t yet had a chance; you still have a short window of opportunity to support Help the Hospices by sponsoring me at: https://test.mattsmallman.com/marathon

Finally, whilst I am obviously very grateful for everyone’s support in getting me to the finish line, if it hadn’t been for Charlie and Thomas graciously giving up a significant chunk of their time with me over the last few months then I would never have been able to make it to the start line. I therefore promise to find a much less time consuming challenge for the second half of the year.

P.S. I forgot to mention in the stats section the 10 litres of Waitrose Chocolate Milk that fuelled my training. Highly recommended to accelerate post training recovery.

My Home Server – Part 1

As Home Server gen 4 is now up and running I’ve decided it’s time to clear out all the old bits of computer that have been hanging around for several years

  • 2007 – XBMC and NSLU2
  • 2009 – Ubuntu HTPC
  • 2010 – 2012 – Windows HTPC Server
  • 2013 – Ubuntu Netbook Server
  • 2014 – ESXi Beast
  • 2016 – QNAP NAS
  • 2018- Ebay ProxMox

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